Top Three Misconceptions About Medical Telephone Answering Services

As a member of the medical profession, you know that open lines of communication with patients is a cornerstone of your success. Yet for some reason you’re still resisting the idea of engaging a medical answering service. What could be the downside of providing an extra layer of assistance for your customers when it’s really needed?

MedConnectUSA utilizes the most sophisticated systems and professionally trained staff, but there are still some misconceptions surrounding medical answering services. Here are three of the more common myths. Which one is holding you back?

  1. “A service just won’t be able to answer the phone the way we do.” Part of your phone presence is how a customer is received when you’re not available. Do you want an answering machine or even an endlessly ringing phone representing you? We don’t have a lineup of anonymous operators giving your after-hour callers perfunctory responses. Our friendly staff members will assist your customers using any protocol you choose.
  2. “HIPAA makes it too complicated to use a third-party system.” MedConnectUSA was protecting clients using HIPAA mandates two years before they officially went into effect. All of our operators and managers undergo extensive training in HIPAA regulations. In addition, we perform random testing to ensure our staff is following HIPAA-compliant practices.
  3. “It’s an unnecessary expense.” Just in the last year we’ve seen blizzards, hurricanes, floods and mudslides disable areas of our country. Our disaster recovery solutions mean that your office is still up and running even in times of emergency. Three service levels and customized plans allow you to pay for only what you use.

We can answer any other questions and concerns you may have about medical answering services. Please contact us for more information about how MedConnectUSA can assist you and your customers 24/7.