Two Key Features of HIPAA-Compliant Text Messaging

Locking in a secure text messaging service is considered one of this year’s top health IT priorities by medical offices, clinics and healthcare providers. A fast and convenient method of sharing patient information, text messaging has become the medical community’s preferred method of consulting between colleagues about patient care. Sharing patient information by text allows physicians and other healthcare providers to trade patient records, tests and other pertinent information accurately and quickly. The problem is that short message service (SMS), the standard texting service offered by cell phone providers, is not HIPPA-compliant, placing both physicians and their patients at risk.

Two Necessary Security Features

The challenge healthcare providers face is finding text messaging services that offer the speed and convenience of SMS while also providing the necessary security to be fully HIPAA compliant. To adequately protect patient information, text messaging systems must address two key issues: security and message tracking.

Security. The possibility message interception increases when calls are routed through standard cell phone carrier systems. Our HIPAA HITECH secure messaging system avoids this issue by using SSL/TLS encryption to by-pass your carrier and route messages directly to your phone.

Message Tracking. The inability to ensure that text messages have been received and read is another SMS security failure. MedConnectUSA’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging service guarantees message delivery. Messages remain in our system until we receive notification that the massage has been received and read.

MedConnectUSA’s  secure text messaging system is 100% HIPAA HITECH compliant for your peace of mind and your patients’. Visit our website for screen captures to see how the system works and can help your medical practice achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.