Why You Need a Medical Call Center with National Resources

We found a case study published on StreetFight magazine quite interesting. The pitch was for using “hyperlocal” resources to manage the internet reputation and social media presence of medical offices. “Hyperlocal” represents a new trend to keep business within a particular neighborhood. Basically, it takes the “buy American” idea down to its lowest common denominator. The thrust of the trend is that when local businesses support each other, the entire local business community grows stronger, benefitting all.

The case study focuses on the way hyperlocal platforms can aid medical practices in protecting their online reputations, an issue that is becoming increasingly important as more consumers review online comments when shopping for medical practitioners. In this instance, the use of local resources makes good business sense. Who better to understand the concerns of potential patients than locally sourced experts? But the local advantage can turn into a disaster when it comes to medical office communications.

In choosing a medical answering service, you have to think beyond the typical day-to-day needs of your office. A local provider may be able to meet your communication needs when everything is going smoothly, but what happens when a storm, flood or other disaster disconnects your electric and phone service? Not only are you offline and unavailable to your patients, but so is the local answering service you were counting on.

A medical call center like MedConnectUSA has the national resources to make sure your calls are answered and your patients’ needs are met no matter the scope or length of a disaster. Find out how our disaster recovery plans can keep you connected.