10 Easy Steps to Improving Your Medical Practice Staff’s Productivity

Tips to Improve Productivity

Get your entire office team on board for a much needed productivity boost with these 10 common sense medical practice tips:

1. Be an early bird.Get to the office 10-15 minutes early and be organized – not frazzled.

2. Keep it clean.A work environment free of clutter minimizes distractions and stress.

3. Think ahead.Still searching for that file? A little pre-patient prep can really cut down on patient wait times.

4. Keep up with your MIT’s.Set 3 “most important tasks” to handle daily, from referrals and insurance to billing.

5. Two words: Imperfect action.You’ll never accomplish anything if you wait until it’s perfect. Sometimes it’s better to simply get the job done.

6. Be proactive, not reactive.Though the medical business is reactive by nature, your entire day doesn’t have to be. Write down goals to create your day, being proactive with accomplishments. Create a separate list for incoming tasks for prioritization and triaging. This will help you more easily leap each day’s unexpected hurdles.

7. Get off the meeting bandwagon.Cut down to no more than one per week.

8. Keep your inbox trim.Morning, midday, and end-of day email/task and EHR clearing are necessary for timely responses. Keep replies short and to the point.

9. Get out of your rut.Just because it has always been done that way doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Learning, growing, and upgrading skills are the BFF’s of productivity.

10. Dust it off.Once a week, select one item from your “when I have spare time” pile.

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