Medical Daytime Hours Answering Services

Every medical office has days where the front desk is short-staffed. Or busy periods that overtax their front office personnel and put a strain on their patient relations. Let us help!

Daytime Hours Answering Services

MedConnectUSA isn’t just for after-hours and weekend support: many of our clients rely on us for phone support during business hours. We are a full 24/7 medical answering service. We can help out your front desk without issue. This helps free them up to help the patients that are standing in front of them. Time such as lunches, we can cover as well. For small offices, this can be a big help. Our medical answering service can grab the phones should someone get sick. And, we can take over without any advanced notice.

We work for you. Our goal is to keep your patients happy. Each and every phone call to a medical office is important. We make patients feel important in a compassionate way. Every one of our medical answering service operators receives a minimum of 90 hours of training. This is paired up with 160 hours of training under another operator. We want our medical answering service operators to understand the medical industry, HIPAA, and basic terms. 

Daytime Hours Answering Services Nationwide

By operating multiple medical call centers in different parts of the U.S., we can easily balance workloads. Being spread over different time zones has its advantages. We can distribute calls efficiently to provide coverage during your regular business hours.

Our daytime hours answering service comes with everything our 24/7 service has to offer. This is a service we have to keep your office running smoothly during those peak times. Having someone to pick up where others can’t ensure all calls are answered. And, not only answered but assisted without issues. This helps you focus on growing your medical business. Spending less time worrying about missed calls will help with stress. Our goal is to transition smoothly. There is no advanced notice needed, as we understand emergencies are not planned.

Flexible Daytime Hours Answering Services Support

Once we’re set up to handle calls for your medical office, you’ll have the flexibility to engage our daytime hours answering services as you need them. These daytime hours answer services come with all the benefits of our 24/7 service. You can schedule daytime answering services support for your known busy periods. But, also tap into our medical answering services whenever your front desk is short-staffed without advance notice.

Daytime Hours Answering Services for Emergencies

Emergencies happen, both personal as well as area-related. In a small office, a personal emergency can shut the office down. But, this is nothing to worry about with MedConnectUSA. We have medical answering services that will monitor your phones, if they are not being answered, we’ll start answering. No matter what the conditions are outside as well. We have offices across the country to help when natural disasters strike. This is great for patients if they don’t know what to do and can call and ask. Daytime hours Answering services are just like our 24/7 answering services and cover everything you have going on in your personal and professional plan. 

Daytime Hours Answering Services are Right for Your Office.

We have customized options that will fit every size and style medical office. We understand that no two medical offices are alike. That’s why we don’t have cookie cutter answering services or bundles. Give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your options and what Daytime hours answering services we offer. As well as tailor our medical answering services to best meet your needs at a cost you can afford.

HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging

Our secure messaging system makes it easy for doctors and healthcare staff to stay connected to patients and the office while protecting privacy and offering persistent alerts that guard against missed messages.