Family Medicine Answering Service

Reliable phone coverage for Family Medicine Practices

Family Medicine physicians have the unique challenge of being the primary physician for entire families. Of course, this is not always the case, and a Family Medicine doctor may only see one or two members of a family, or individuals by themselves. When a doctor/ physician has a relationship with multiple members of a family, those families can come to expect a certain level of service both during and after hours.

It can be easy for your in-house staff and receptionist to get caught up handling patients you are seeing that day. Which is not a bad thing for the patients that are in your office. Family Medicine patients may need extra time from your staff while dealing with office matters. If your staff divides their focus between the Family Medicine patients in your office and the ringing phones, no one wins. Both the patients in your office and your callers feel they are not getting the attention they deserve.

Patients and other callers do not want to wait on hold for something that could be handled quickly over the phone. This is where our highly trained medical answering service operators come in. If your staff is unable to answer a call after about 3-4 rings, that call will automatically roll over to our medical answering service, no action is needed on your part. Our highly trained operators will be able to answer basic questions about your office, transfer calls, take messages, schedule appointments, and contact the on-call Family Medicine Physician if there is an urgent call.

At MedConnectUSA our award-winning medical answering service has been helping Family Medicine physicians manage patient calls for over 30 years. These answering services can be provided during and or after hours, depending on the preferences of that Family Medicine office.

When it comes to after-hours medical answering service coverage for a Family Medicine office, there is a clear choice, and it’s MedConnectUSA. Providing after-hours coverage to Family Medicine doctors has been a stable in our business since we opened our doors in 1991. We have won the ASTI (Association of Teleservice International) Award of Excellence for 18 consecutive years in a row. This standard of excellence is exactly what your Family Medicine patients will receive. Our reliable, trustworthy, friendly, and professional operators are all located in-house here at MedConnectUSA to make sure your Family Medicine practice receives the best service possible.

When you use MedConnectUSA the days of your staff spending their valuable time returning calls and taking notes from voicemails are over. Now your staff can focus 100% on the job at hand and your patients will notice the difference. A parent helping their sick child or a sick parent handling their healthy child, need all the help they can get. Their visit to the Family Medicine doctor needs to be as efficient as possible. Wasting time waiting for staff to juggle calls and office tasks is the last thing a Family Medicine patient wants to do. In the era of internet reviews, this can reflect poorly and end up costing your Family Medicine practice money and potential patients.

Before the days of highly trained medical answering services, it could feel impossible to staff enough people in the office to cover the phone answering, office tasks, and patients that are being seen, while still affording to keep the doors open for your Family Medicine practice. Now our answering service phone representatives can provide you with 24-7-365 phone coverage at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee. This makes providing your Family Medicine patients with a world-class experience a goal that can easily be accomplished.

If you are looking for help managing calls for your Family Medicine practice, choose a medical answering service you can trust, choose the professionals at MedConnectUSA. Give us a call today or submit a request and one of our team members will contact you to answer any questions you have.