Medical Answering Service NY

MedConnectUSA, Rated #1 for medical answering services and medical call centers in New York. Medical establishments like hospitals, dental practices, clinics, rehab centers, community health centers, and other similar establishments need to provide some form of telephone support to patients. This support helps patients arrange appointments, handle emergencies, and get all the service-related information they need.

There are several ways to provide patient support. You can have a dedicated staff for the purpose, which can prove to be expensive. You can hire the services of a medical call center, which is more affordable but they may not be very efficient, or you can hire the premier medical answering service in New York.
Medical answering service

Specially trained, HIPAA-compliant professionals provide our medical answering services in New York. These experts take the time to ensure all patient queries are handled professionally. Our medical answering services are comprehensive and designed to offer callers competent support. We provide services like:

  • Live telephone answering
  • Call center services
  • Automated voicemail services
  • Daytime hours answering
  • Secure messaging
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup voicemail services

If you’re looking for expert medical answering services in New York, give us a call. We can set up a customized medical answering service in 24-48 hours. We take time to understand your practice and its requirements before setting up service. Our company will provide a local New York number, so you don’t have to deal with long-distance or toll costs.

Our company is 100% USA-based, and we don’t hire work-out-of-home operators. This ensures that you get the highest quality medical answering solutions possible. We’ve been in this industry for more than 30 years and know how to offer comprehensive medical answering services in New York. With us, your patients won’t have to deal with long hold times, distracted operators, or multiple operators on the same call. Our professional answering service team is trained to remove all kinds of friction and deliver a seamless service to patients. 

Medical Call Center in New York

Medical professionals hesitate to use call centers because they feel that outsourced services don’t work for their practice. Standard outsourcing is a good option for businesses like plumbing, finance, and retail, but it doesn’t work for medical offices. Our medical call center in New York offers all the support your patients need, and expert US-based operators provide this support. We have medical call centers based in several strategic locations in the country, which means patients will always get a prompt and consistent response.

Our services comply with the privacy and security standards set by HIPAA. We never share patient information and records with any third party, which isn’t always the case with outsourced call center services. Companies based outside the country don’t have to follow U.S. privacy standards requirements and your patient information might not be as secure as it should be.

All our medical answering service operators serving New York are trained to understand HIPAA guidelines as soon as they join the company. We also conduct quarterly reviews and make sure the operators are aware of the latest changes in the guidelines. You can rest assured that your patients get absolute privacy and security. We also provide a BAA contract that we customize to your requirements.

If you’re looking for well-trained, competent, and reliable telephone answering services, give us a call today. At MedConnectUSA, we take pride in offering top-notch medical call center and medical answering services. We have clients in New York and understand the unique requirements of this region.

We also have a good disaster recovery system in place, which means your patients will always have support even if they aren’t able to reach you. When patients get prompt, professional assistance, they start trusting a practice and keep coming back. Our medical call centers will help you establish good long-term relationships with your patients.