About Us

Providing Medical Office Phone Support Since 1991

MedConnectUSA is a leading provider of medical answering services. We’ve been providing doctors, dentist, chiropractors, and other health care practitioners with a full range of automated phone support and live-operator teleservices for more than 30 years.

We are medical teleservices specialists. We do not work with plumbers, electricians, Realtors or any business outside the medical office field. This focus allows us to ensure that every operator is fully trained and experienced at handling patient phone calls. And it guarantees that your patients’ calls will never take a backseat to anything less important.

All our operations are based in the USA. We never outsource to overseas call centers. Plus, every one of our operators works in one of our call centers — we never use home-based operators.

100% HIPAA Compliant

Today, we operate multiple call centers across the US. Each facility has been carefully sited to minimize exposure to adverse weather, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. By engineering all systems to provide multiple levels of backup, we can guarantee that your patients’ calls will always be answered.

Award-Winning Service

MedConnectUSA has received the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) Award of Excellence 21 times, including the last eighteen years in a row!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can contract with a nurse triage to act as your answering service, but they are charging $10-20 per call. Using MedConnectUSA as your gateway only costs pennies compared to what the nurse triage services charges.

Most reputable nurse triage services will not provide answering services and choose to work with your current service which eliminates many of the NON-URGENT calls that should be handled by the answering service freeing them to handle the urgent calls they have been trained for.

While MedConnectUSA is able to enter the nurse triage arena we feel that it is better to do an excellent job at one thing instead of a substandard job at many.

MedConnectUSA does not directly offer nurse triage services. We are extremely good at what we do, and we have partnered with several nurse triage service providers that are very good at what they do.

We will be happy to refer you to one of the companies we work with, so you may evaluate how a nurse triage service fits with your practice. We can work with your current nurse triage service or anyone you choose to use.

MedConnectUSA can do almost anything you need. If we can’t do something we will find an option for you. Some of the services we currently offer to clients are:

After Hours Answering Service
Telephone Receptionist
Day Time Overflow
Helpdesk Services
Emergency Messaging
Disaster Standby
Appointment Setting
Appointment Confirmation
Drug Interaction Line
Drug Study Registration
24 Hours/365 Days Service

We can provide 24/7 coverage whenever you need it: after hours, weekends, holidays and even during peak office hours.

Our operators are specifically trained to handle one call from beginning to end, eliminating the potential for operator error. We use automation to avoid placing callers on hold for an extended time. If all our operators are busy taking patient calls, we’ll play your customized message to the caller while they wait for the next available operator. This enables our operators to give callers their undivided attention. Our average hold time is less than 30-seconds, compared to the average one to two minutes of other services. Once our operator takes your caller off hold they will not put them back on hold to answer other calls.

Most other answering services have one operator to every 150 clients and juggle multiple tasks. As a result, their operators are forced to place a caller on hold several times just to answer other ringing lines.

Yes, if you have remote call-forwarding available from the phone company. We highly recommend this service since it is only a few dollars a month and can prevent missed calls. If you subscribe to this service let us know and we will keep the access code on your account for future reference. If you do not have this service and would like to have it, let us know and we can place the order for you.

No. MedConnectUSA has local numbers in all 50 states and covers 98% of the country. In the rare event that your city is not within local coverage we will supply you with a Toll-Free number at no additional cost to you.

We normally start service within 24-48 hours of receiving all your information. Just for MedConnectUSA to start an account we need your signed service agreement and your account set up instructions.

After we receive your account instructions a manager will call you to go over your set up and answer any questions you may have.

While many companies will set you up in just a few minutes we think it’s important to spend the extra time talking about your needs and programming your account right the first time. Our programmers will set everything up and test prior to you going live to ensure you don’t have any problems.

There are many ways we can help keep your bill down. Some of the options are to have your non-emergency messages emailed or faxed to your office.

Use of a text message pager, cell or pcs phone text messaging, rather than a digital pager, and voice mail relay. Text paging allows you to see the entire message without the need to call into us. You save time and we just can handle calls quicker.

If you are not using our pre-screen service, you can save a substantial amount by changing to this service. Pre-screening your calls gives out important information to your callers while letting the urgent calls come through to our staff for handling.

We customize our services to your needs. No two offices are the same, so we are happy to discuss your specific needs.

Yes, MedConnectUSA has taken HIPAA very seriously and have followed it’s changing progress since HIPAA was enacted. We have implemented many additional security measures which meet and exceed the HIPAA requirements.

Our operators are trained on HIPAA requirements when they are hired and are subject to quarterly review on changing rules. We also have a BAA contract available to you that is customized to cover everything we do for you.

We do not outsource our answering service clients to any foreign countries. Our operators are based in the United States and speak English as their primary language. So, you can be sure your important customer calls are handled as promptly and efficiently as possible.

No. All our staff members work in our secure call centers where we maintain strict security and professional standards. Beware of answering services that use home-based operators; in addition to potentially unprofessional service, they can increase your liability with regarding to information security and patient privacy.

Disaster recovery: Redundant phone carriers ensure availability

Medical offices rely on MedConnectUSA for 24/7 phone support, so we can’t afford any downtime in our phone systems. That’s why we work with multiple phone carriers: if one goes down, we simply re-route calls to another carrier.