Pediatric Answering Services

Pediatric answering services for Pediatricians and Pediatric offices.

As a strictly medical answering service for over 30 years, MedConnectUSA has worked with countless Pediatrician doctors and Pediatric offices nationwide. Pediatricians and Pediatric offices are some of the most common specialists to have a high call volume with their medical answering service/ call center.

As a result, MedConnectUSA takes extra time and care in training our Pediatrician answering service operators, who take calls specifically for Pediatrician and Pediatric offices. We understand the stress parents can feel making after-hours calls to their Pediatrician or Pediatric office. A sick child is enough to worry about, but not being able to reach their Pediatrician or dealing with an answering service that does not understand the urgency of the call can just quantify feelings of stress and anxiety.

It is important for Pediatrician and Pediatric offices to select a medical answering service/ call center that is not only compassionate but is highly trained to handle the unique calls that are received by Pediatric offices. Calls can range from the common cold and allergic reactions to other very serious medical conditions. When experiencing these problems, it is a common instinct for parents to call the Pediatrician that is familiar with their child, and that the parent is familiar with as well.

When calling their Pediatric office, whether it is during or after hours, concerned parents want to reach someone who can help reduce their stress and assure them they will be able to reach the Pediatrician they are calling for.

Calls that come in for Pediatric offices are different from other medical offices, and we understand that. As all parents and Pediatric offices know, emergencies are not limited to office hours. When parents make these important calls to your Pediatric office, as a Pediatrician, don’t you want to know that your patient calls are being handled by genuine Pediatrician answering service professionals who take your calls as seriously as you do?

At MedConnectUSA, our pediatric answering service operators receive special training regarding providing Pediatric answering services. Our Pediatric answering service operators are trained to quickly identify true emergencies and dispatch them immediately. Once we have identified a true emergency, our Pediatric answering service operators will not rest until they know the Pediatrician has received the information of the patient in distress. Once we know the patient is going to receive the care they need our operators can move on.

Our Pediatric answering service system is set up in a way that allows our operators to see the second a Pediatrician opens their message. This way a Pediatrician does not have to waste time responding to our answering service and can go straight to caring for their patient. Our system even allows the Pediatrician to call the patient back using our secure messaging app. Using this feature will mask the Pediatrician’s personal cell phone number so the patient’s caller ID will display the office phone number instead. This way Pediatric patients/ parents have a familiar number calling them back and the Pediatrician can keep their personal information private.

As all Pediatric call centers know, after-hours calls for Pediatric offices can be of the utmost importance, with that being said, calls during office hours can be equally as important. The Pediatric answering service professionals at MedConnectUSA will make sure every call to your Pediatric office is answered, even during office hours. The parents of Pediatric patients do not want to wait on hold when they call your office. That is where our Pediatrician answering service comes into play. If your in-house staff are available to take the calls coming into your office they will have the opportunity. If your office staff or receptionist is helping the patients you are seeing that day in your Pediatrics office and cannot answer, the call will automatically roll over to our friendly professional operators. Allowing your staff to focus on the patients you are seeing without the stress of making sure every call coming into your Pediatric practice is answered .

Our Pediatric call center team can keep up with even the busiest Pediatrician offices. It does not matter if you have 1 Pediatrician or 150 Pediatricians, we are ready to handle your calls efficiently and professionally. Whether it is handling calls for routine matters such as appointment scheduling, office hours, prescription refills, or real emergencies that need your immediate attention, our pediatrician call center team handles each call with accuracy and compassion.

Is your Pediatric office in need of Bi-lingual answering services? Our Pediatrician call center has you covered! We have English and Spanish-speaking operators available on a 24-7-365 basis. As a Pediatric call center that has been in business for over 30 years, we have accumulated a long list of Pediatric offices as clients that require Bi-lingual phone coverage on a 24-hour-a-day basis. If you need your Pediatric call center to handle languages beyond English and Spanish, contact us today. We can accommodate a long list of languages, just submit a request letting us know the languages you need, and we will contact you shortly to let you know how our Pediatric call center can help.

Our HIPAA-compliant, secure pediatric call center is fully customizable to make sure all your patients receive the care they have come to expect from your Pediatric office.

If you are looking for a Pediatric answering service that you can depend on, you do not need to look any further. The Pediatric answering service professionals at MedConnectUSA have been handling calls for pediatric offices for over 30 years and can provide your office with the reliable Pediatric answering service coverage you have been looking for. Submit a request today and a member of our team will contact you to get an understanding of exactly what you would like and a Pediatric answering service to do for your office. We look forward to hearing from you!