Cardiology Answering Service

Cardiology answering services for calls that cannot wait.

As a Cardiologist, you have enough concerns in your day-to-day operations. Patients often depend on you with their lives and these matters can be extremely time-sensitive. The last thing you should have to worry about is if your calls are being managed properly by your answering service. Cardiology patients and hospitals need their Cardiologists to be available 24-7-365. With this exhausting schedule, a Cardiologist should never be contacted for concerns that do not need their direct attention.

Our specialized Cardiology answering service understands this.

If your Cardiology office has used an answering service that is not a specialized Cardiology answering service, you may have struggled with your important calls being mishandled. In the world of Cardiology, no single call can ever be handled incorrectly for any reason. Making sure the instructions provided by the Cardiologist are followed in detail and that all the information that our answering service operators gather is accurate is our top priority.

At MedConnectUSA, our Cardiology answering service is depended on by Cardiologists nationwide. As a strictly medical answering service, Cardiology is one of the top medical specialties we take calls for. In our 30+ years as a strictly medical answering service, we have worked with countless Cardiologists. During this time our team has learned that to provide a top-notch Cardiology answering service, you must treat every call as if a life depends on it, and make sure only highly experienced and expertly trained operators take these calls.

All our Cardiology answering service operators who would be taking your calls must graduate from a training program that lasts a minimum of 90 days. Our operators go through 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day graduations before they can even take a call on their own. These graduations help ensure your Cardiology patients receive the care they deserve from experts in the medical answering service industry.

The training our Cardiology answering service operators receive includes empathy, HIPAA, medical terms, our operating system, hospital consults, emergency escalation, professional speaking, and other topics.

While sometimes it can be hard to find good employees in-house, our Cardiology answering service never calls off sick, our medical receptionists are always available, and we do not take lunches, or request time off.

Once our Cardiology answering service has received an urgent call for your office, we will immediately dispatch the call/ message out to your on-call provider. Every one of your on-call Cardiology doctors can choose their own methods of being contacted and how we should escalate the call if we have not received a response.

Our Cardiology answering service system is set up in a way that alerts our operators the moment a Cardiologist opens their urgent message. This way the Cardiologist does not have to take time responding to our answering service and can go straight to patient care. Our secure messaging system will allow the Cardiologist to call the patient back directly from the app. Using this feature will mask the Cardiologist’s cell phone number and will display the office phone number on the patient’s Caller ID. This way Cardiology patient has a familiar number calling them back and the Cardiologist can keep their information private.

At MedConnectUSA we know that Cardiology receives a lot of consults and referrals. It is important for your office to have a Cardiology answering service that understands the difference between urgent consults and normal consults. Whether an urgent consult is handled correctly or not can be the difference between saving a life and not. Our Cardiology answering service takes this responsibility very seriously.

Providing emergency after-hours coverage to Cardiology offices has been a stronghold at MedConnectUSA since we opened our doors in 1991. When choosing MedConnectUSA as your Cardiology answering service provider, your patients will receive award-winning service that both you and your patients can depend on. Our Cardiology answering service has won the ASTI (Association of Teleservice International) Award of Excellence for 18 consecutive years in a row. This standard of excellence and professionalism is what your Cardiology patients will receive.

If you would like your Cardiology answering service to get your message right every time and send out messages with a true sense of urgency and importance, then submit a request today. A member of our Cardiology answering service team will be happy to go over your goals with our service and provide you with a quote.