Medical Answering Service in Boston, MA

Welcome to our medical answering service in Boston, MA. If you are a medical professional or from an overwhelmed medical office, we can help. Our team of answering service professionals only handle calls for medical offices. This allows you and your staff to better serve the patients that are in your office. From scheduling appointments to answering basic medical questions, we have you covered. We can also provide medical messaging services, taking down even the smallest of details to allow your providers to get back to their patients with the answers they need. Each of our clients get a custom service that works well for their medical office. Call 888-216-8482 to find out more.

What to Expect from our Medical Answering Service in Boston, MA

Our medical answering service team serving Boston is prepared to handle each call with the highest level of care. Whether you require assistance with appointment scheduling, addressing routine patient questions, or taking messages for healthcare providers, we are here to serve your needs. At MedConnectUSA, we are not just another medical answering service in Boston, MA. We are passionate about what we do, and this is reflected in our quick response time—typically under 30 seconds.

Gone are the days of patients waiting endlessly on hold. Our medical answering service operators offer prompt assistance, schedule appointments, and ensure smooth operations. During brief hold times, we can play pleasant music or provide a personalized message from your providers, making a meaningful impact.

Our core focus remains providing medical answering services in Boston, MA. MedConnectUSA specializes in supporting medical professionals and healthcare facilities, we do not extend our services to other industries. This allows us to better train our operators, ensuring they have a good grasp on what is expected of them from each of our clients in Boston, MA. 

Who Benefits from Our Answering Service in Boston, MA?

Our goal extends beyond merely meeting your expectations—we aim to surpass them. Working with various medical, dental, and specialty offices, we take the time to better understand what it is that you need from our medical answering service team. Our team of medical answering service experts will work closely with you to dial in our services, ensuring you get the information you need, from every call. This allows you to better answer your patients’ questions and keeps you informed of what is going on with them. If you have special requests, we are happy to assist you with those as well.

When partnering with our medical answering service, you are collaborating with professionals well-versed in the medical field. We are familiar with industry terminology and well-versed in HIPAA regulations. Our medical answering service team commits to refining our services to align with your specific needs, including collecting crucial information for provider callbacks and streamlining appointment scheduling.

This attention to detail allows our clients in Boston, MA to better service their patients in their time of need. 

What Our Medical Answering Service Offers in Boston, MA

Our flexible plans have US-based operators, day or night-time answering, secure messaging, and more. Our medical answering services are at your disposal 24/7, prepared to assist busy offices in enhancing the patient experience or supporting new medical practices. Our team of answering service professionals are dedicated to helping you with managing phone calls, allowing your office staff to focus on in-person patient care. You don’t have to worry about phones ringing constantly and nobody there to answer. We have it all covered for you with little effort on your part.

Our medical answering service allows your staff to better focus on the tasks at hand during the day. But, we are also willing to pick up extra time when they become overwhelmed, or someone calls in sick. Whatever your medical answering service needs are in Boston, MA, we have you covered.

We continuously improve by regularly training our operators to improve their call-handling skills and customer support expertise. Whether dealing with routine calls or unexpected emergencies, we stand by your side.

All our medical answering service operators are based in the United States and are native English speakers. This guarantees that your patients will always find someone they can easily understand, eliminating language barriers. Our team of answering service professionals approaches all medical calls with compassion and empathy, backed by 30+ years of industry experience as a medical answering service in Boston, MA. 

Custom Training for Medical Calls

Our answering service operators receive rigorous training, including HIPAA training for patient interactions. This commitment sets us apart from other medical answering services in Boston, MA. Our primary goal is to maintain a focus on HIPAA compliance and patient data confidentiality. We are constantly working to improve the client experience by ensuring our operators understand the right questions to ask and the essential information required for timely patient responses.

If you are looking for a medical answering service in Boston, MA, for your medical practice, you have found the ideal partner. Allow our team of medical answering service experts to manage your phone calls, schedule appointments, and provide your patients with the answers they need. Contact us today at 888-216-8482 to benefit from our elite medical answering services in Boston, MA today!