Month: April 2018

What Steps Does Your Medical Answering Service Take to Provide Continuous Availability?

Most all medical answering services can cover your phone calls 24/7. That, of course, assumes all their equipment is operating properly and nothing interrupts their service. But problems happen. Telephone cables get cut, electricity goes out, or a building becomes unusable. These things keep an answering service from providing the around-the-clock service they promised. That’s […]

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Discover What a Full-Service Medical Answering Service Can Do for You

Most any answering service can claim to handle medical accounts, but not everyone specializes in it or gives it their full focus. And even those medical answering services that only handle healthcare-related accounts aren’t always a full-service provider. Here are some of the things you can expect from a full-service medical answering service: 24/7 Phone […]

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