Discover How a Professional Medical Answering Service Deals with the Hold Problem

hold problem

No one wants to be placed on hold, but it does occur. There’s no way around it. This happens in your office, clinic, or medical facility. It also happens at your answering service. The solution isn’t to eliminate placing callers on hold because that’s impossible. The key is to use the right approach when it’s […]

Is Your Medical Answering Service an Asset or a Liability?

medical answering service

If you view your medical answering service as a necessary evil for your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility, then one of two things are clear. Either you have the wrong perspective about the role they play, or you have the wrong answering service. When you have the right medical answering service handling your calls, they’re […]

Discover Why an Award-Winning Medical Answering Service Is Important

Award-Winning Medical Answering

Don’t you wish there was a way to know if a medical answering service actually provided the high-quality service they claim to? Wouldn’t this be nice to know before you switch? Fortunately, there is a way. But few people know about it. Here’s the secret. When you select an award-winning medical answering service, you’ve chosen […]