Is a Medical Answering Service an Investment or an Expense?

Medical Answering Service Investment

A common element among healthcare providers is having a medical answering service take calls after office hours and even provide office-hours support. Some business managers view their doctors answering service as an expense that they must seek to contain or even eliminate, if they get overly aggressive. Other business managers cite their medical answering service […]

What Are Common On-Call Scenarios for Medical Practices?

on-call scenarios

The healthcare industry is an around-the-clock effort that never closes. This is because people’s health concerns don’t follow a convenient nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday schedule. That’s why most medical practices tap the services of a professional medical answering service. They want to be available to their patients 24/7, whenever a need arises, but they must also guard […]

Tips to Lower Your Medical Answering Service Bill

medical answering service bill

Healthcare providers are stuck between rising costs and lower reimbursement rates. This can trigger a cost-cutting initiative. When considering this, remember that the cost of a medical answering service is a small fraction of what it would take to hire an office receptionist. It’s a veritable bargain with a high-value return that patients appreciate. Yet […]