Does Your Answering Service Answer Calls Fast and Then Put Them on Hold?

answer and please hold

Most people want their answering services to answer their phone calls fast. But that’s a misleading request and fails to accomplish with they’re truly after. What’s more important is how long it takes them to complete calls. Here’s why: The Answer-and-Please-Hold Method So that an answering service can say they answer calls quickly, many use […]

Select a Medical Answering Service that Takes HIPAA Guidelines Seriously

HIPAA guidelines

Too many answering services put their healthcare clients at risk when it comes to following HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) guidelines. Some aren’t aware of HIPAA, others assume it doesn’t apply to them, and more than a few think they can take shortcuts and not get caught. But it’s not only […]

Holiday Aftermath: Let’s Review How Your Medical Answering Service Did

Holiday Aftermath

We often fall into a different mode during the holidays. As much as we try to keep business as usual between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, it’s hard to do so. With holiday parties, treats, and events to distract us and steal our time, many people give into the season, with a plan to emerge […]