Month: February 2019

Does It Matter Where Your Answering Service and Their Staff Are Located?

When your patients and callers reach your answering service, they can’t see the operators or where they’re located. But does that mean location doesn’t matter? You may conclude the setting isn’t relevant since everything happens over the telephone. However, if you care about your practice and your organization, where your answering service is located is […]

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Why Dental Offices Should Use a Medical Answering Service

As a dentist with a growing dental practice, you know the importance of keeping an open line of communication with your patients and potential patients. Though much of the work you do happens during regular business hours, that doesn’t mean you should only answer your phone then. The smart move is to answer your phone […]

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4 Things That Matter Most When Selecting a Medical Answering Service

If your medical practice or healthcare facility is important to you, then it matters who you select as your answering service. If serving your patients with excellence and putting their healthcare first is a priority, then you know how important your answering service is in helping you achieve your vision. Here are four things that […]

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