Discover the Value of Using Your Answering Service’s Client Portal

client portal

Your medical answering service is available to help you better serve your patients and callers 24/7. They are your customer-facing resource when you’re not in the office or aren’t able to answer your phone. This is the primary function of an answering service. However, your answering service’s purpose isn’t just to serve your patients, they […]

Is Your Medical Answering Service Ready to Back You Up?

office hours back up

Most medical practices and healthcare providers use a medical answering service to handle their calls outside of their regular business hours. This is the most common reason for hiring an answering service. But what happens if you need your answering service to back you up during the day? Will they be ready to provide office […]

The Risks of Going with an Offshore Answering Service

offshore answering service risks

If you care about your patients and the future of your healthcare business, it’s never a good idea to go with an offshore answering service. There are risks involved. And these offshore answering service risks are significant. They far offset the few dollars you might save on your monthly answering service bill. Consider these key […]