Month: May 2019

Discover Why Having a Multilocation Medical Answering Service Is Critical

We talked about the importance of using a medical answering service that has multiple phone carriers. It’s even more important to use an answering service that has multiple locations. The multilocation medical answering service offers reliability benefits that a single location service can never match. Power Outage Protection Advanced answering services take precautions to make […]

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Is HIPAA Compliance Enough?

In the healthcare industry, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is well-known. As a healthcare organization, HIPAA defines you as a covered entity (CE). Furthermore, your answering service functions as your business associate (BA). To meet your HIPAA responsibilities as a CE, it’s critical that your answering service meets the requirements […]

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Why Leading Medical Answering Services Use Multiple Phone Carriers

When you think about your medical answering service and the critical role it plays in ensuring 24/7 availability to your patients, you may not give much thought to the infrastructure behind it. However, the reliability of today’s telephone answering services depends completely on the reliability of the technology behind it. One piece of technology that’s […]

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