Month: December 2019

Best Practices for Leading Medical Answering Services

Not all answering services are the same, and these differences can have a significant impact on the service they provide to you and your patients. Advanced medical answering services follow, and even exceed, industry best practices.  Here are the key characteristics of the foremost healthcare-related answering services: US-Based One of the best practices that quality-minded […]

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Discover Why Healthcare Providers Need a Call Center Dedicated to the Medical Community

Selecting a healthcare call center is a critical consideration to ensure the success of your clinic or medical facility. Too often business managers view call centers as an expense to control. Instead, the more enlightened viewpoint is that a medical call center is an important investment to make for the future of your operation.  Don’t […]

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How Important Is Quality When It Comes to Patient-Facing Communication?

When it comes to healthcare, providing quality healthcare services to patients is the number one goal. However, the effectiveness in achieving this goal is at times hampered through less-than-ideal patient-facing communication. Aside from your own communication with patients, which you work hard to excel at, consider the following opportunities in providing quality communications with patients. […]

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