5 Tips For Building Your Practice’s Income Stream

Tips For Bringing In Revenue

Take your practice to the next level with these five tips for building your practices income stream.

1. Get your team motivated. Teamwork and communication are the building blocks of a strong foundation. Start up a practice softball team or even get together with other practices to form a league. Camaraderie on the field will translate to a team environment in your office.

2. Excel at customer service. Give your patients the red carpet treatment. Free premium refreshments and snacks in the waiting room, minimized wait times, well-appointed examining rooms and a concierge service make for a pleasant environment that will quickly get noticed in the community.

3. Manage online reputations. Having a social media professional on staff will help your practice address complaints that patients may publish online. When all comments are addressed, prospective patients will see that you care about the patient experience.

4. Get ready to regulate. Dealing with the red tape of government regulations like Obamacare and HIPAA shouldn’t prevent your staff from giving full attention to your patients. Assign a designated team to make sure that the entire office is being run according to regulatory guidelines. That will free up your reception area staff so they can pay attention to your paying clientele.

5. Develop an online presence. Make sure your practice is well represented online. A fully functioning web site that is SEO friendly will ensure that patients will be able to find you.

Implement these five tips today to grow your practice into the income generating practice you always dreamed it could be. Let MedConnectUSA be your medical practice partner. Contact us today to find out more.