Additional Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Call Services – Part 2

As noted in our previous post, outsourcing medical call answering to a competent and reliable professional medical answering service can be a smart way to increase staff efficiency and improve customer service. But outsourcing to the right service provider can also offer other important benefits.

When shopping for a medical call center for your medical practice, look for a service provider that can offer these additional advantages:

With HIPAA compliance audits scheduled to start in 2014 and downstream business associates expected to be under close scrutiny, the importance of choosing a medical answering service that meets HIPAA compliance requirements is critical.

MedConnectUSA started planning for HIPAA compliance four years before it was implemented. We were already protecting our clients with HIPAA HiTech secure messaging two years before new regulations took effect. All of our operators and management staff are HIPAA trained and receive regular training updates and reviews to ensure that our answering services are always 100% HIPAA compliant.

Medical answering services should offer reliable secure messaging for mobile devices.
MedConnectUSA uses miSecureMessages, a powerful, encrypted, all-in-one paging and messaging application that allows physicians and healthcare staff to manage all their communication needs quickly, easily and securely from any smartphone or tablet. For our customer’s convenience, miSecureMessages is available for Android, Apple and BlackBerry devices.

Medical call centers should have sufficient backup systems in place to ensure that your communications will not be disrupted should an emergency or disaster occur.
MedConnectUSA offers disaster recovery services second to none. Our double redundant emergency services ensure continuous communications service during emergencies or disasters of any size and scope.