Let Your Answering Service Answer Your Calls in Uncertain Times

answer your calls

We live and exist in an era of uncertainty. This is no truer than for the healthcare industry, which is on the front lines, adapting to ever-changing expectations and healthcare best practices. As your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility grapples to adapt, don’t overlook the possible role that your venerable medical answering service can take […]

What’s the Value of a Phone Call to a Medical Practice or Clinic?

value of phone call

    We’ve already looked at the factors to consider when calculating the ROI of hiring a medical answering service. But the success of your healthcare organization is about more than numbers; it’s also about people. Cost aside, there’s a human aspect to providing a great telephone experience for your callers and patients. Though this […]

Can a Daytime Answering Service Help Your Clinic or Practice?

Daytime Answering Service

When you think of a medical answering service, you probably imagine a company that answers calls on the evenings and weekends. They take messages and dispatch urgent calls to on-call staff. This is a correct understanding and is a common function of healthcare answering services. However, a medical telephone answering service is for more than […]