How Important Is Quality When It Comes to Patient-Facing Communication?

patient facing communication

When it comes to healthcare, providing quality healthcare services to patients is the number one goal. However, the effectiveness in achieving this goal is at times hampered through less-than-ideal patient-facing communication. Aside from your own communication with patients, which you work hard to excel at, consider the following opportunities in providing quality communications with patients. […]

Why Medical Answering Service Excellence Matters

medical answering service excellence

Some medical practitioners make a mistake when it comes to their telephone. They assume that as long as their phone is answered, nothing else matters. This is shortsighted and rife with problem-causing risks. In fact, this perspective is just plain wrong. How you manage your phone calls matters a lot. Therefore, medical answering service excellence […]

Should You Consider Dropping Medicaid Patients?

Has the onset of the Affordable Care Act caused you to revisit your policy on accepting Medicaid patients? Newly-eligible individuals and families now have the security of medical coverage, but the increase in patient volume has ramifications for a practice’s manpower and finances. If you are trying to decide whether or not you should stop […]

Are Your Patients Sitting in the Waiting Room Too Long?

According to a recent survey by Software Advice, 97 percent of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with medical office wait times. Actually, you probably didn’t need a survey to alert you to that fact. However have you done anything to address the issue of wait times in your office? With a little planning, you can reduce […]