Do Your Staff Policies Cover Holiday Absences?

The holidays are a busy time and especially popular with employees requesting time off to enjoy the season. While your policy may be to allow employees time off during this time, unexpected absences due to illness and family emergencies can occur leaving your office short handed.

If your medical practice relies on prompt communication to handle scheduled appointments as well as requests for unscheduled appointments, without adequate staff available to field questions and concerns, your patients will be left with less than quality service. This can result in patients taking their healthcare issues to another location.

One of the best medical practice tips available is to use the round-the-clock medical answering and telemessaging services of a well qualified company like MedConnectUSA.

With experienced and trained U.S. based operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll provide your patients with the peace of mind of knowing someone will be available to address their issues.

At MedConnectUSA, your office has access to a variety of helpful services.

  • Ready Assist – Connects patients directly to providers without involvement of an operator.
  • Secure Messaging – Providers can use an application specifically for smartphones and tablets that work for both paging and messaging.
  • Live Operator Services – Select from the silver, gold or platinum level for professional answering services that fit your needs.
  • Call Forwarding Assurance – Adds an element of safety and security to your communication platform.
  • Voice Mail Services – Select from standard or premium services for this handy option that helps keep your office running smoothly with or without a live operator.

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