Doctors Answering Service

MedConnectUSA is a doctors answering service for your busy office. We work with clients big or small to help with their phones and simple tasks. Our services are open 24/7 and offer daytime support as well. If you have a busy medical office getting a doctor answering service can really help. Patients will appreciate the quick response when they reach out. All our operators are trained in the medical field to provide great medical call center services. They understand the basics needed for a medical doctor answering service. We only work with the medical industry, which makes us unique to the field. Our offices are nationwide, which helps us keep running even if there are local disasters. And, we are 100% based in the US. We will not outsource your Doctors Answering service to anyone. And, all of our operators are working from call centers.

We believe in training and that’s why our operators are trained extensively and thoroughly for the medical industry. We also provide everyone here with follow up HIPAA training to ensure there is an understanding of privacy. This is important to us, with all our clients being in the medical field in one way or another. We also want our operators to understand the basics that are needed to answer such calls.

Doctors Answering Service to Save Time

Besides a basic doctors answering service, we provide so much more. We work with our clients to come up with a customized solution for their particular office.This can mean phone monitoring, which is staying on top of ringing phones. Sometimes the receptionists get busy and cannot get to the phones. If phone calls go unanswered we will be notified and take over. This forward assurance service delivers peace of mind to our client’s office. If someone forgets to forward the phones at night, we can detect that by the long ring time and forward them for you. This will ensure your phones are covered 24/7.

Getting the service your patient’s needs is important. It’s just answering some simple questions or more. We can help them feel safe and rest assured your office is doing what is best for them. We work for you and want to help you grow your client base. Having someone to man the phones 24/7 will tell your patients they are important to you. That’s what a Doctors answering service is about, giving you that virtual front desk help at a fraction of the cost of another employee.

Getting The Best Doctors Answering Service

We answer all the calls coming in quickly and gracefully. And, we work with that patient until their problem is complete. Our highly trained operators are trained that patient care is our number one goal. By keeping that our number one goal, our clients have happy patients. And, happy patients means they will return for more services when needed.

As doctors answering service works with all kinds of different medical offices from Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Therapists and more.