Hiring Summer Intern Staff? Make Sure You Know the Rules

Hiring Summer Interns

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Did you know that the employment rules for summer intern staff are not always the same as those for non-temporary employees?

You must understand the similarities and differences to protect yourself against breaking federal, state and local laws.

Similarities According to the U.S. Small Business Association, you must offer interns hired as seasonal employees:

  • Equal rights related to Labor Law and Fair Labor areas
  • Similar or same withholdings and benefits related to taxes, Medicare, Social Security, Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation and other areas

Differences If you have decided to hire summer intern staff as contractors instead of employees:

  • Contractors are not your employees. They work for themselves and consider you a client.
  • You do not have to apply many of the labor rules to contractors that you must to employees.
  • Responsibilities regarding withholdings and benefits also change.

In regards to which hiring option you should choose: It’s entirely up to you, but, as the SBA points out, contractors don’t require a lot of training since they are experts in their fields. If you wonder why they might choose an internship:

  • If business has slowed, an internship can fill the income gap.
  • Many want to learn more about new industry changes hands-on without paying for classes.

Keep in mind in regards to the above that every state has its own rules about seasonal workers.

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