Holiday Lunch Party Ideas and Tips

Trying to get your business through the holiday season without breaking the bank or coming across as Ebenezer Scrooge? It is possible with a few tips and tricks to keep you out of the holiday red.

  • Hosting an at-office party?
    • Call the caterer.
      At or after work catered meals cost less than restaurant or banquet events, ranging in cost based on food selection. There are many enjoyable options that aren’t the most expensive cold cuts, salads, specialty pizzas, or hors d’oeuvres.
    • Try your luck with a potluck.
      Limited on funds? Potlucks offer a fun alternative. Provide decorations, music, utensils, drinks and dessert, and let employees bring in a favorite dish to share.
    • Pick a theme.
      We’re not talking medieval, simply food themes: A dessert party with cakes, pastries, and cookies. A tea party with various teas, coffee, and finger pastries. Or an ice cream social with several varieties and toppings.
  • Prefer festivities off-site?
    • &bull’ Make it personal.
      At-home gatherings offer a personal touch and allow employees to bring spouses and family. Focus on quality food and drinks, and consider sending employees home with a holiday gift bag.
    • Rely on restaurants.
      Restaurant lunches cost less than dinners. Many even offer price-based party menus. Avoiding wine and beer will also help you save considerably.
    • Rein-in banquet hall prices.
      If you still prefer banquets, save by holding events on a weekday, off-season, or with a cash bar. For additional savings skip dinner for an hors d’oeuvres buffet.
    • Opt for out-of-the-ordinary.
      Charter a bus and munch snacks and drinks while taking in holiday light displays or offer other unique experiences.

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