Improving Your Practice with Five Easy Steps

In order to make your medical practice run like clockwork, you must streamline the business activities. That being said, here are five easy steps for improving your practice.

Streamline your scheduling process

Poor scheduling is one of the biggest causes of patient dissatisfaction. That is because it will create longer wait times, confusion, overbooked days and other schedule-related issues. Enhancing your scheduling so that nobody has to worry about wait times will work wonders for your practice.

Remind your patients about appointments

People forget. When they have busy lives, it is easy for them to overlook that medical appointment that they set days, weeks or even months in advance. Do them (and yourself) a favor by having your staff give them a call one to three days in advance to remind them about the appointment. This is especially important if your practice issues missed appointment penalty fees.

Optimize the tasks of your staff

Your staff keeps your practice running; without them, you could not operate. However, you should always be looking for ways to optimize the benefits provided by your staff. We aren’t suggesting that you start finding ways to cut back on staff, but optimizing their duties will allow them to help you in a greater capacity. For example, allowing customers to access information via the Web instead of stopping by and having office staff solve problems, and by adding automated medical calling will give staff and patients more flexibility.

Make sure that your patents give you positive reviews

Many people find new doctors via the Internet. By making sure that your satisfied patients provide positive online reviews, you increase the likelihood that you are their pick as their new doctor.

Create a social media presence

A strong social media presence will allow you to strengthen your relationship with current customers, connect with new ones, and position yourself as a medical industry leader.

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