Is This the Face of the Future for Your Practice?

Pope John Paul II got it right when he said, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” To maintain quality care and ensure the continued success of your private practice, you must continually seek new ways of interacting with your patients and providing the medical services they need. Patients are not likely to study new technology, but they will migrate to physicians who are using it to enhance the service they provide.

According to technology research and advisory company Software Advice, technology will bring the most significant changes to the following areas of primary care in the coming years:

Wearable technology

It will help patients monitor their health and provide doctors with real-time information about the individual’s diet and habits. Doctors will be able to easily evaluate data for patients and groups.

Waiting rooms

Data from wearable technology and pre-visit forms will provide doctors with more information than they get today and reduce the wait time of office visits considerably.

Virtual office visits

Many doctors are already connecting with their patients via video calls and patient portals. Up to 35 percent of visits will take place virtually in the next ten years.

Patient involvement in their healthcare

These innovations create a partnership between doctors and patients. By having more access to their personal health records, patients take more responsibility for managing their health and following their doctor’s instructions.

Much of the services provided by healthcare workers will never be replaced by technology. At MedConnectUSA, we use the latest technology for secure messaging and provide live answering services to your callers. Contact us for more information on how we can enhance your patient’s healthcare experience.