Our Staff Motivation Cheat Sheet—What You Need to Know

The Wall Street Journal

As pointed out in The Wall Street Journal, office managers around the country motivate their staff using a wide variety of tactics. Yet, research studies have proven that methods that focus on showing employees their worth and rewarding them for hard work and creativity accomplishes more than using control and/or punishment techniques.

Whether you run a small dental or large medical office, we believe at MedConnectUSA that we can help you motivate your staff and keep them motivated with the following medical practice tips designed to highlight a few basic changes to how you approach your subordinates and their work.

  • Forget micromanagement. Instead of trying to control every aspect of the work your office staff members perform, outline their duties and then allow them to learn from their failures along with their successes and improve over time.
  • Allow creativity and spontaneity. When workers are allowed to offer their input to improve the office, such as ideas for new processes and/or updating old ones, they become invested in the business and more motivated to help it succeed in every way.
  • Offer praise and rewards. Many workers merely need simple praise — someone telling them that they have done well. Others need some sort of tangible reward for performing above and beyond what you would normally expect of them.

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MedConnectUSA is also pleased to offer services that help office managers motivate employees by providing them answering service support that relieves the stress related to handling high volume, emergency and after hours medical-related office calls. To learn more, contact us today by phone at 1-888-216-8482.