Prevent Drama In the Office by Using These Summer Vacation Scheduling Tips

Preventing Office Drama

People with a well balanced life tend to feel better about their careers and take pride in their work. Just like the stresses of work often lead to strain and problems in the private lives of many people, having a rich, rewarding personal life contributes to a more fulfilled work life. Vacations greatly enhance a person’s appreciation for life and can prevent job burnout. Use these tips to schedule summer vacations at your office, and prevent any drama or confusion.

Clarify policies early: It is best to discuss your company’s vacation policy with employees during their initial orientation. Go over your guidelines with them in private so they will feel comfortable discussing any personal reasons for needing time off or religious holidays that they observe.

Put it in writing or digital record: People may have selective memory, and company policies are not always accurately conveyed by word-of-mouth. By providing each person with an employee handbook, you eliminate any ambiguity. Many businesses find a digital record more convenient. Just send an email to have each person acknowledge any updates by their digital signature.

Emphasize teamwork: Have a deadline for requesting vacation time. For popular vacation periods, offer bonuses and other incentives to minimize the number of people absent. Be sure everyone understands that your company is a team, and they will be covering for one another.

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