Voice Mail

Voice Mail Services

In some cases, voice mail provides the perfect tool for medical office communications. Employment lines, lab result call-ins, general information requests and many other scenarios don’t require live operator support.

MedConnectUSA can provide a local phone number and voice mailbox with integrated web portal and email support. This gives you a voice mail option that doesn’t tie up an existing phone line and costs less than service offered by your phone company.

Our voice mail services are broken into two tiers.

Standard Voice Mail Features:

  • Local phone number (any part of the USA)
  • Up to 2-minute greeting
  • Instant email delivery of all voice messages
  • Secure web portal to review call records

Premium Voice Mail Features:

  • Toll free number
  • Up to a 4-minute greeting
  • Auto attendant (1 main box with sub mailboxes)
  • Auto receptionist (route calls to mobile, office, home phone)
  • Find me/follow me (try several numbers)
  • Call screen (know who is calling before you connect)
  • Multiple greetings for time of day
  • Instant notification of waiting message
  • Call recording with email copy
  • Option to connect to live operator