Teach Your Office Staff Better Phone Etiquette

Are your doctor answering services positively or negatively Affecting your business? The best call centers know phone etiquette and customer service are essential to patient retention.

Phone tips from the pros who know point to these 7 etiquette essentials:

1. Make it quick.

Long wait times can make potential patients wonder if your office is understaffed. Excessive ringing can also irritate patients and staff, creating a negative atmosphere.

2. Don’t assume.

Always ask permission before putting calls on hold it’s more polite.

3. Say it with a smile.

Smiling during every call creates a friendly, energetic air that is contagious.

4. Slow down and pay attention.

We know you’re busy, but rushed calls can create confusion. Be sure to use moderate speed to convey words and instructions in a clear, understandable way. Moderate your volume as well, raising your tone to indicate key points or clarifications. Be mindful of individuals who are experiencing difficulty hearing.

5. Show you care.

By listening attentively and showing interest in caller concerns. Take notes, then wait for the caller to finish speaking and clarify the situation.

6. Use plain English.

Avoid medical jargon and abbreviations. Callers may not understand and may be too embarrassed or afraid to ask. If the use of abbreviations or terms are necessary, be sure to ask staff for definitions or context for clarification.

7. Avoid abrupt endings.

End calls in a friendly, professional way don’t just hang up. Relay the conversation, ask if there is anything else you can help with, thank the patient then say good bye.

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