The Importance of Language in Medical Call Center Communications

An extraordinarily efficient and cost-effective method of managing incoming calls, call centers have become a part of everyday life. Call centers have become such a normal aspect of doing business in the U.S. that you are likely to be talking to a call center whenever you phone your utility company about your bill or the customer service department of your insurance company or the help line for your new computer tablet. Medical call centers are also becoming an important partner for doctor and dental practices, medical clinics and hospital departments. Using a medical call center to manage in-coming patient calls can improve the efficiency of your medical office, allowing your office staff to focus on their primary duties more uninterrupted and freeing more time for patient care.

Unfortunately, all medical call centers are not created equal. We’ve all suffered the annoying experience of calling an insurance, utility or computer help line and, after finally reaching a representative, been frustrated by the operators’ inability to communicate clearly. Many call centers are located offshore and are staffed by people who may have marginal English skills or such as heavy accent that they are difficult to understand. When you’re calling for help, clear communication is essential. This is particularly true when you are calling your doctor or dentist and need medical help or have a medical emergency.

Unlike many call center operations, MedConnectUSA is located entirely in the U.S. All of our operators speak English as their primary language to ensure that communication is not a barrier when your patients call.