The New Trend: Male Specialty Care

When it comes to healthcare, men have traditionally had to be dragged kicking and screaming for any type of treatment, no matter how minor. Some clinics and centers on the East Coast are trying to reverse that tendency by offering services directed primarily at male healthcare needs.

The past trend of female-centric healthcare stemmed in part from an effort to compensate for women being overlooked by a predominantly male medical establishment. Now the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction as providers realize there’s a huge market being underserved.

One such clinic that’s opened recently is NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. Its Madison Avenue address lends it the cachet of the generally masculine domains of business and finance. The interior design incorporates men’s club elements like limestone surfaces and a chocolate and oxblood color palette.

Services range from medical care like heart-monitoring to more cosmetic applications such as hair removal. Sexual dysfunction is an important part of treatment, since it’s often an indicator of other physical issues like diabetes.

Some authorities fear that gender-specific care could result in overtesting and overtreatment, pointing to low-testosterone therapy as a prime example. There’s concern that it’s being used with men who have no underlying condition as a way of supposedly fighting the aging process. However, the NYU Langone clinic, along with others, has stated that this therapy is used only when indicated.

One concern shared by men and women equally is the desire for attentive and helpful customer service. Our trained and professional operators at MedConnectUSA can give your patients the care they deserve. Visit our website for more information.