What About a Staff Christmas Party, Should You Have One?

As the year comes to a close, it’s become a tradition with many medical practices and other companies to hold a Christmas party. The celebration is a nice way to share the spirit of the season and show appreciation for your staff and their hard work.

Some businesses have chosen to forgo these annual parties due to reduced budgets. If you decide to host an event for your practice, some careful planning is in order. The days of freewheeling, anything-goes parties are long gone in favor of more appropriate celebrations.

While the goal is to allow your employees to have fun socializing, it’s still a business function.Follow these guidelines to make sure the party is an enjoyable experience for all.

You can refer to it as a “Christmas” party, but otherwise be sensitive to the cultures of all your employees. Don’t include any activities that may make attendees feel left out or uncomfortable. The party shouldbe an observation of all holidays celebrated this time of year.

Include spouses in the event. This demonstrates that even though it’s a work-related function, you want to recognize their life outside the office. If possible, consider including children as well and provide fun activities for them.

Avoid discussions of any work-related topics. The ambiance will be more relaxed, and as a practical consideration you avoid the possibility of comments made “out of school” that could come back to cause problems.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, our friendly, professionally-trained staff will provide quality service to your callers without missing a beat. All of our operators are HIPAA-compliant to ensure complete security of all communications.