What to Look for in a Medical Messaging Service – Part 2

Smartphones and tablets have become a valuable tool for healthcare providers. However, as noted in our previous post, the possibility of a HIPAA data breach has made their use risky. Standard texting services lack the security features necessary to protect patient information. To take full advantage of mobile technology, physicians must invest in a HIPAA-compliant, secure texting solution such as the miSecureMessages app available from MedConnectUSA.

Today, we continue our list of features to consider when choosing a secure text messaging service:

Transmission and storage security. Cell carrier text messaging services do not offer adequate protection against message interception during transit or hacking of messages stored on carrier servers. MedConnectUSA solves this problem by completely bypassing your cell carrier’s system. Our secure messaging app delivers messages directly to your phone and stores message traffic on our secure servers.

Recipient authentication. It is critical that transmitted patient information be delivered to the intended recipient. MedConnectUSA notifies you when your message has been delivered and again when it has been read. Our HIPAA-trained staff also monitors message traffic and uses other methods to reach you if you are unable to pick up your messages.

Audit trail. A message audit trail should be recorded and accessible. MedConnectUSA’s secure message services includes a complete audit trail of all messages and reporting of all message event issues.

Remote lock down. The ability to prevent an information breach if your phone is lost or stolen is critical to avoid HIPAA violation. MedConnectUSA can remotely lock down our messaging app upon notification that your phone is lost or stolen.

These are just some of the best practice features included in MedConnectUSA’s 100% HIPAA-compliant, HITECH-secure messaging service. Please visit our website for complete details.