Why Providing Quality Customer Service Should Be a Critical Consideration for Medical Offices

If you are a doctor, dentist, hospital department or medical clinic, providing quality customer service to your patients is a quality of care as well as a financial issue. Medical providers must consider customer service in a somewhat different light than most business offices. For both medical and non-medical offices, customer service quality impacts business reputation and budget. But medical offices must also consider the impact customer service can have on their patients’ health.

When people call a medical office, they are often ill or in frail health. Merely calling their doctor to discuss a medical concern or schedule an appointment can increase unhealthy stress, potentially exacerbating their condition. Responsive customer service delivered with compassion by knowledgeable operators can help alleviate patient stress, ensure that appropriate help is quickly arranged and leave patients feeling well cared for.

On the other hand, dealing with an automated answering machine that doesn’t allow for the personalized service patients often need or trying to understand the English of a non-native operator from an offshore call center can significantly increase patient stress and frustration. Not only does your reputation as a medical provider suffer, but a poor call center choice can negatively impact your patients’ health.

MedConnectUSA offers live operator answering services exclusively for medical practitioners. All of our operators speak English as a primary language and are HIPAA trained to provide your patients with the highest quality customer service possible.

Recipients of ATSI’s Award of Excellence for eight consecutive years, MedConnectUSA is expert in providing quality customer service. Contact us to find out how we can enhance customer service at your medical office.