Month: December 2013

Consumers Looking for Greater Value from Healthcare Spending

The Affordable Care Act is having an unexpected impact on consumer attitudes about healthcare. In turning the health insurance industry into a retail marketplace, Obamacare is causing consumers to take a closer look at what they’re getting for their medical dollar. Not only are consumers starting to demand greater transparency about medical costs, they’re also […]

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2014 Tech Trends that Will Impact Medical Practices – Part One

With the growing use of medical electronic records, telemedicine, mobile communication and cloud computing, modern medicine is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. But while technical advancements, particularly greater smartphone and tablet use, are increasing the speed, reach, flexibility and convenience of today’s medical practice; they also carry certain risks. Not only must medical practice managers […]

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Additional Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Call Services – Part 2

As noted in our previous post, outsourcing medical call answering to a competent and reliable professional medical answering service can be a smart way to increase staff efficiency and improve customer service. But outsourcing to the right service provider can also offer other important benefits. When shopping for a medical call center for your medical […]

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