How Can Your Healthcare Call Center Better Serve You?

your healthcare call center

Change is normal in the healthcare industry and the rate of change has accelerated in the past several months. As you grapple with both the speed and scope of these changes, expand your considerations to include your medical call center professionals. You may be surprised at your call center’s flexibility and creativity in helping you […]

Moving toward a New Normal

moving toward a new normal

You have no doubt heard the phrase “moving toward a new normal.” It carries with it a vague and uncomfortable realization that what once was may no longer be. The ideas of working from home, social distancing, and self-quarantine are not likely temporary phenomena that we will one day move beyond. These concepts may form […]

Now Is a Great Time to Update Your Answering Service Account Information

update your account information

As you think about the transition from summer to fall, it’s an ideal time to review all the account information your medical answering service has about your organization. Over time things change, and sometimes these updates never reach your answering service. If you’ve overlooked something, don’t feel bad. It happens. Now take some time to […]