Does Your Answering Service Resemble a Circus?


Have you ever been to a three-ring circus or seen one on TV? They’re an amazing site to behold. There is always something happening in one of the three rings to grab your attention and garner your interest. This may be an animal tamer, a trapeze artist, clowns, or jugglers. There may even be clowns juggling. And if one act doesn’t grab your attention, there’s always something else going on that will.

Organized Confusion

With all this blur of activity it’s hard to take it all in. Impossible, in fact. No matter where you look, you’re bound to miss something else going on in another ring—or even outside of the three rings. Organized confusion best sums up the jumble of activity that results in this three-ringed variety show. 

Of course, the spectators love it. With fast-paced entertainment possibilities, their eyes jump from one act to another. And invariably the person next to you, is just as mesmerized by a different act. 

“Did you see that?” they ask with eye-opened delight as they nudge your arm with their elbow. As usually happens, you missed it because you were watching something else, and something equally impressive.

A Sophisticated Juggling Act

A circus reminds me of how many answering services function. There is a bustle of activity as one telephone representative juggles a dizzying variety of phone calls from a diverse array of industries. 

Multiply this by the number of employees working at the answering service at any given moment. Most of the time there are not just three of them (as with our three-ring circus) but more, sometimes a lot more. These people work at a frantic pace striving to answer call after call.

One call may come from an apartment tenant calling the management company upset about a clogged toilet. The next call is from a businessperson phoning their attorney for legal advice about a threatened lawsuit. Following this is a death call to a funeral home. On the heels of that is a party planner trying to book a clown for their kid’s birthday party. And if the clown is busy, perhaps a bounce house will be just as good.

Mixed in with these callers and their concerns is your patient seeking direction about their healthcare anxiety. It’s not quite an emergency, but they don’t dare wait until your office opens the next business day. They seek empathy and a satisfying response, which the answering service rep is trying to do, but she’s distracted by the next call waiting in queue: a trucker who just survived a harrowing accident.

Does this sound like a circus—a telephone answering circus—to you? This, sadly, is how most general-purpose answering services function. There’s always something going on. And it’s easy for your patients to suffer as a result.

The Better Solution 

The ideal way to avoid this mind-blowing bustle of telephone call activity and having your important healthcare call get lost in the midst of it all is to go with a specialized healthcare answering service that’s committed to serving the medical community.

They do healthcare and only healthcare. No plumbers. No apartment complexes. No morticians. No attorneys. And no clowns. They answer medical calls and only medical calls. You benefit as a result and your patients receive the respect they deserve.

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