Remember to Say Thank You and to Be Thankful

be thankful

It’s been quite a year, which propelled us into a new reality that’s unprecedented and challenging. Nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare industry. Healthcare has bravely led us into a new normal, going to extraordinary measures to keep patients and the public safe, protected, and healthy.

In view of this, it’s easy to focus on what is from the perspective of what was. In doing so we lament over what has changed, about what we’ve lost. And there is much to mourn. But let’s not lose sight of what we have, the things we can be thankful for.

Here are some things that healthcare practitioners can be grateful for on this Thanksgiving, as well as throughout the year.

Thank Your Patients 

Your patients’ reactions to healthcare’s new processes vary. Some react with understandable frustration over what is changed, while others respond with guarded acceptance. A few see the big picture and appreciate all that healthcare is done to protect them, their families, and their communities.

Among these varied responses, it’s easy to focus on the grumblers, the hostile, and the noncompliant. Yet overall, most patients accept and even embrace these changes in healthcare procedures as in their best interest. Take a moment to be thankful for your patients—all of them—for they are your reason for being. Without people and their healthcare concerns, the industry would have nothing to do. You would have nothing to do. Whenever possible, thank them for their forbearance and for their understanding.

Thank Your Staff 

You and your healthcare staff work together as a team to deliver the best healthcare services within the framework of protecting everyone from the spread of harmful, potentially deadly, viruses. Day after day these extraordinary measures have a detrimental impact on even the most committed healthcare worker. Don’t lose sight of the fact that some of your staff may hold unspoken fears and all of them are frazzled, tired, and wonder if they should give up. You may have the same thoughts.

Take time to be thankful for your staff. Let them know you appreciate them, applaud their work, and value them as people. Although a simple “thank you” won’t solve everything, it will go a long way toward encouraging them to move forward and serve the healthcare needs of your patients.

Thank Your Answering Service 

An often overlooked member of your healthcare team is your unfaltering medical answering service. They toil, often in obscurity, seldom receiving accommodations for their excellent work, call after call. But what they do hear about, is that one call out of one hundred that didn’t go quite as well as it could have. Don’t let that be the only time your answering service hears from you. Take a moment now to thank them for the tireless work they do for you. And don’t only share your appreciation on Thanksgiving. Thank your professional medical answering service whenever you can throughout the year.

Be Thankful in All Things 

We have much to complain about, many things to distract us, and more than enough to cause debilitating frustration. Acknowledge these realities and push them aside to move forward. We have much to be thankful for; we just need to remember it.

Thank you for reading this post and considering these words.

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