You Shouldn’t Have to Ask to Speak to a Manager

speak to the manager

The typical way of handling customer service issues at call centers is to let low-level employees attempt to address all concerns. For the items they can’t handle, they pass callers on to someone with a bit more experience. Eventually you might get to talk to a supervisor, and if they can’t resolve it then you can speak with the manager. 

A manager can make things happen and get things done. So why not just start with the manager? That’s exactly what happens with an enlightened medical call center approach.

Knowledgeable Interactions

Managers manage for a reason. They have proven themselves over time to comprehend how their call center works, understand how to resolve issues, and know how to deal with situations that less experienced employees struggle with. They know how to manage employees, address problems, and make resolution happen. That’s why they’re managers. And that’s why you want to talk to them when you have a concern.

Avoid Being Shuffled Around

As mentioned above, the way most call centers deal with customer service issues is the wrong way. It’s sad to admit, but they have the lowest paid employees make the first attempt at handling their clients’ customer service concerns. They’ll be able to handle some of the calls, and will escalate the rest to someone with more experience. That person will again address the easier calls and escalate the rest to the supervisor. The calls the supervisor can’t handle will go to a manager. That means a caller could end up talking to three or four people before they reach someone who can fully react to and resolve their concern. It’s the customer service shuffle, and it’s no way to treat valuable clients.

Excellent Response Times

The standard practice directs all client calls to low-level support staff, but this could be a key reason why most people are frustrated when they phone for customer support. That’s why innovative medical call centers take a different approach. That’s why they train their managers to handle these important calls—your calls—every time.


You shouldn’t have to ask for a manager when you call. And you shouldn’t have to restate the reason you’re calling each time you talk to another person just because they escalated your call.

But when they let you start with the manager you explain your concern once. Then they fix the problem on the first call, and they fix it right. That’s the ideal way to handle client calls at a medical call center. 

Don’t you wish everyone did it this way?

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