Tips on Treating Summer Vacationing Patients

Treating Patients On Vacation

When you have a medical practice that’s located in or near a common tourist destination or summer vacation spot, being prepared to handle vacationers is important. People who are traveling from out of town sometimes end up needing medical attention for illness or injuries, and they’re most likely to come to you if you’re the closest doctor around.

Keep the following medical practice tips in mind when you’re handling summer vacationers as patients this season:

  • Have your supplies ready. Vacationers typically need help for things like severe sunburns, allergic reactions or asthma. Make sure you have all of the first aid supplies you need to deal with these medical issues.
  • Contact their physician. Call your patient’s regular physician to find out about their medical history and whether or not they have allergies or sensitivities to specific medicines. This helps prevent adverse reactions and gives you a better idea of how to treat them.


  • Work out a payment arrangement. Patients who are seeing you as part of their in-network coverage shouldn’t have any problems covering the cost of their visit, although this depends on the type and amount of coverage they have. If the out-of-pocket costs are too high for patients to pay at the time of their visit, work out a payment arrangement with them to ensure that you receive your money in a timely fashion.
  • Advertise. Use marketing to let summer vacationers know where to go when they need medical help. They should be able to find your practice easily.

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