Use a Medical Call Center to Better Focus on Your Core Competencies

core competencies

Whatever area of healthcare you’re in, you have a desire to help people with their medical needs. This may be directly as a practitioner or healthcare service organization. It could also be indirectly as an organization that offers support to various segments of the healthcare industry. In meeting these needs you developed core competencies that you or your organization use to best accomplish your goals and generate a profit.

An element of this is interacting with your patients and customers over the telephone. This may be a little or a lot. It may be a few phone calls each day or hundreds an hour. If you’re in a situation where you received numerous phone calls, you may have formed a department to handle them, which morphed into a call center. 

You didn’t intend to run a call center, but you are anyway. Doing so distracts you from your core competencies and focusing on what you do best.

To address this, outsourcing your calls to an experienced medical call center may be the best approach. Here’s why.

Removes Needless Distractions 

Running a call center demands attention and requires a lot of work. Keeping your call center humming smoothly, distracts you from doing other more important things. These include focusing on maximizing your core competencies for optimal results.

Remove these secondary call center distractions by having a professional medical call center handle this work for you.

Decrease Payroll 

When you send your call center work to a provider that specializes in the healthcare industry, you no longer need to hire staff and managers for yours. By using a medical call center, you can decrease the number of FTEs (full-time equivalents), thereby decreasing your employee count.

If circumstances allow it, an even better approach is to move your call center personnel into other areas of your operation. They already know your organization and industry, so retain that knowledge by putting them to work in other departments.

Frees Capital 

Not only are call centers labor-intensive endeavors, they’re also technology laden. There’s a capital investment in the call center. Even if your business model uses SaaS (software as a service) solutions, which you access over the internet, you still have capital expenses for other infrastructure items, including computers, network devices, and associated technology.

Once your medical call center takes over for you, you no longer need to make these ongoing capital investments. This frees money for other more critical areas in your business, which more fully focuses on your core competencies.

Save Money

A healthcare call center does one thing: they answer medical calls. It’s all they do, and they do it well. As such, they know how to do it better than most any other organization. They also have an economy-of-scale that in-house call centers could never match. This means that when you outsource your calls to a medical call center, you can stand to save money, in addition to all the other benefits that this wise move offers.

Focus on Your Core Competencies and Not a Call Center

Hiring a medical call center to take over your call center work for you, frees you to focus on your core competencies. It does this by removing distractions, decreasing your payroll, freeing up capital, and saving money. 

It’s a can’t-miss answer to a perplexing problem.

Learn how professional medical call center service from MedConnectUSA can help your practice, clinic, or facility. Then get a free quote to discover how affordable their healthcare communication services are. Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer and call center authority.