What Does the Face of Medicine Look Like in the Near Future?

The Future Of Doctor Visits Is Changing

As the medical profession and technology advances, patients are increasingly on the lookout for better, more efficient healthcare. What’s next on the horizon for doctors and patients in this post-EMR (electronic medical record) marketplace?

Get ready for these highly likely primary care possibilities…

  • Virtual visitsMore efficient and less time consuming, telemedicine – connecting with doctors via video call from health assessments to non-emergency prescription needs – is expected to increase up to 35% (or more) in the next decade. Smartphones are expected to aid its future advancement, allowing patients to convey with doctors their own EKGs, A1C, glucose, and more.
  • Wearable technologyAs high tech trackers become more efficient and less obtrusive to daily activities, wearable tech will progress not only to monitoring vitals such as heart rate, respiratory rate and calories, but plugging patient data into online medical records to provide more in-depth understanding of how lifestyle effects health as well.
  • Wiped out waiting roomsNinety seven percent of patients surveyed are frustrated by medical office wait times. As streamlining processes with online check-ins, pre-screenings, and other advancements continues, the waiting room process will continually become more efficient, possibly disappearing altogether.
  • Patient partnered medical chartingA new survey recently showed 80% of patients want greater control of their own healthcare, however few have access to their own personal health record. Worse, detailed intake information is often lost in translation to electronic records. A few forward-thinking direct-care doctors are actively working on the obvious solution: patient and doctor-teamed medical charting, aimed at addressing these medical data issues.

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