Why We’ll Never Bundle What You Don’t Need

“Bundling” has become a popular marketing term for a variety of telecommunications services like cell phone providers and cable and satellite TV companies. According to their spin, it provides greater convenience by eliminating your need to make decisions. In reality, it takes the decisions out of your hands. At MedConnectUSA, we trust you to know […]

HIPAA Enforcement Actions – How Not to Become a Statistic

Recent high-profile security breaches continue to make protection of consumer data a hot issue. While HIPAA guidelines have been established for the healthcare sector, there are currently no regulations in place for other types of companies. Even if you’re HIPAA-compliant, don’t let your guard down. You may have to answer to another authority. In the absence […]

Even in the Digital World the Personal Touch Matters

Technology has become so sophisticated that you can do your grocery shopping, sign up for car insurance and check out a library book without ever leaving your recliner. Customers pay bills and manage their mutual funds over the phone without hearing a single live voice. Despite this digital efficiency, or maybe because of it, the […]

Top Three Misconceptions About Medical Telephone Answering Services

As a member of the medical profession, you know that open lines of communication with patients is a cornerstone of your success. Yet for some reason you’re still resisting the idea of engaging a medical answering service. What could be the downside of providing an extra layer of assistance for your customers when it’s really […]