3 Steps to Take When Your Answering Service Disappoints You

disappoints you

What is your attitude toward your medical answering service? Do you view them as a cost to control or as a critical part of serving your patients? Think about your answer. From a strict financial standpoint, keeping your costs—including your answering service—low maximizes profit. You need a profit if you want to endure as a […]

A New Perspective for a New Year

positive change

By most all accounts, last year was not a good one. The expectation of most everyone is that this year will be better. They hope for more positive outcome in the new year. Yet the only thing that’s changed from last year to this year is that we moved the date from December 31 to […]

Now Is a Great Time to Update Your Answering Service Account Information

update your account information

As you think about the transition from summer to fall, it’s an ideal time to review all the account information your medical answering service has about your organization. Over time things change, and sometimes these updates never reach your answering service. If you’ve overlooked something, don’t feel bad. It happens. Now take some time to […]

Is Your Medical Answering Service Always Prepared?

quality service

How ready is your answering service to provide you with the support you need when conditions change suddenly, and unprecedented situations evolve overnight? A basic answering service can’t pivot so quickly. That’s why it’s important to have a competent medical answering service handle the calls for your practice, clinic, or healthcare facility. Their industry focus […]

Does Your Answering Service Have Your Back?

crisis coverage

You’ve hired an answering service to answer your phone calls when your practice, clinic, or facility is unable to do so. This is a good start. But when the unexpected happens—say, for example, a worldwide pandemic that throws everyone and everything into turmoil—can your answering service adjust to meet these ever-changing and unanticipated needs? What […]

How Does Your Medical Answering Service Provide Quality Service?

provide quality service

Telephone answering services like to talk about quality service, but for too many of them quality doesn’t move from words to reality. Yet quality service doesn’t happen by accident. It requires intentionality. Here are some steps that the best medical answering services take to provide quality service: Review Calls A key step in the effort […]

Is a Medical Answering Service an Investment or an Expense?

Medical Answering Service Investment

A common element among healthcare providers is having a medical answering service take calls after office hours and even provide office-hours support. Some business managers view their doctors answering service as an expense that they must seek to contain or even eliminate, if they get overly aggressive. Other business managers cite their medical answering service […]

Top Tech Practices: Are Using in 2015 to Improve Performance

Tech To Help As the years pass, technology continues to change getting more and more helpful to our everyday lives. This is true in all industries, but can especially be true in the medical field, as you look at how far we’ve come in the advancement of medical practices just in the last 100 years, […]

Our Staff Motivation Cheat Sheet—What You Need to Know

The Wall Street Journal As pointed out in The Wall Street Journal, office managers around the country motivate their staff using a wide variety of tactics. Yet, research studies have proven that methods that focus on showing employees their worth and rewarding them for hard work and creativity accomplishes more than using control and/or punishment techniques. Whether you run […]

5 Tips For Building Your Practice’s Income Stream

Tips For Bringing In Revenue Take your practice to the next level with these five tips for building your practices income stream. 1. Get your team motivated. Teamwork and communication are the building blocks of a strong foundation. Start up a practice softball team or even get together with other practices to form a league. […]