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Is a Medical Answering Service an Investment or an Expense?

A common element among healthcare providers is having a medical answering service take calls after office hours and even provide office-hours support. Some business managers view their doctors answering service as an expense that they must seek to contain or even eliminate, if they get overly aggressive. Other business managers cite their medical answering service […]

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Our Staff Motivation Cheat Sheet—What You Need to Know

The Wall Street Journal As pointed out in The Wall Street Journal, office managers around the country motivate their staff using a wide variety of tactics. Yet, research studies have proven that methods that focus on showing employees their worth and rewarding them for hard work and creativity accomplishes more than using control and/or punishment techniques. Whether you run […]

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Tips to Building Your Medical Practice’s Online Brand

Building an Online Brand Are you taking advantage of medical practice tips promoting technology as a gateway to building your reputation and local business? To succeed in today’s medical marketplace, you must boost your standing in online local searches to secure the PR your practice needs for continued success. Whats wrong with the way I’m handling […]

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