Use a Medical Call Center to Better Focus on Your Core Competencies

core competencies

Whatever area of healthcare you’re in, you have a desire to help people with their medical needs. This may be directly as a practitioner or healthcare service organization. It could also be indirectly as an organization that offers support to various segments of the healthcare industry. In meeting these needs you developed core competencies that […]

Maintain Healthcare Communications in the Midst of a Pandemic


When a disaster occurs, one key to successfully navigating it is to maintain an open communication channel so your patients can reach you whenever they need to. In addition to normal healthcare needs, in the middle of a crisis, such as a pandemic, patients have a heightened sense of concern about their health and well-being.  […]

Who Should You Trust Your Phone To?

advanced medical call center

Medical practices and healthcare organizations place a lot of emphasis on how patient interactions occur. They strive to do everything they can to address patient health issues and make the experience as positive as possible. To do this they address each touch point within the facility to make sure each contact is a positive and […]

What Is Your Weakest Link in Communicating with Your Patients?

weakest link

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That weak link in a chain is where it will break when it’s pulled too hard. It represents a single point of failure. Once that link breaks, the chain becomes worthless. Now apply this weak-link concept to communication with your patients. What is this weak […]

Use Advanced Voice Mail to Enhance Your Office Communications

Voice Mail

When it comes to the telephone, most everyone prefers to talk to a person rather than interact with a machine. Yet sometimes, and for some applications, an automated approach is the right approach. This is where advanced voice mail comes in. With advanced voice mail you can enjoy a rich array of call-processing options, coupled […]

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Communications Services?

disaster recovery plan

How long could you stay in business if you lost your phone service and the ability to communicate with patients? And if you could continue to function, what would be the short-term impact to cash flow and the long-term impact on the viability of your organization? These are heavy questions. That’s why forward-thinking leaders make […]

5 Key Communication Services Your Healthcare Facility Can’t Do Without

Communication Services

In today’s business-to-consumer economy, communication is key. And superior communication is necessary for superior results. Your patients and callers expect this. And if you don’t deliver what they expect, they’ll go someplace else, taking their healthcare dollars with them. Here are the essential telephone services your organization can use to enhance communication with your patients […]