Practice Tips: Help Physicians Stay on Schedule

Take The Stress Out Of The Office Is your office lagging behind, leaving patients frustrated and staff clambering to catch up throughout the day? You may be overlooking scheduling essentials that can help physicians more effectively manage patients in a timely manner. What type of techniques are commonly practiced at punctual offices? Show up early.It […]

Tips to Building Your Medical Practice’s Online Brand

Building an Online Brand Are you taking advantage of medical practice tips promoting technology as a gateway to building your reputation and local business? To succeed in today’s medical marketplace, you must boost your standing in online local searches to secure the PR your practice needs for continued success. Whats wrong with the way I’m handling […]

10 Easy Steps to Improving Your Medical Practice Staff’s Productivity

Tips to Improve Productivity Get your entire office team on board for a much needed productivity boost with these 10 common sense medical practice tips: 1. Be an early bird.Get to the office 10-15 minutes early and be organized – not frazzled. 2. Keep it clean.A work environment free of clutter minimizes distractions and stress. […]

What’s the Value of a Phone Call to a Medical Practice or Clinic?

value of phone call

    We’ve already looked at the factors to consider when calculating the ROI of hiring a medical answering service. But the success of your healthcare organization is about more than numbers; it’s also about people. Cost aside, there’s a human aspect to providing a great telephone experience for your callers and patients. Though this […]

Can a Daytime Answering Service Help Your Clinic or Practice?

Daytime Answering Service

When you think of a medical answering service, you probably imagine a company that answers calls on the evenings and weekends. They take messages and dispatch urgent calls to on-call staff. This is a correct understanding and is a common function of healthcare answering services. However, a medical telephone answering service is for more than […]

Three Tips to Improve Medical Practice Efficiency

People are always looking for ways to put more hours in the day. When you’re operating a medical practice, where your patients’ well-being is dependent on prompt attention, time becomes even more essential. Streamlining the operations of your office keeps you from getting bogged down in time-wasting roadblocks. Improved efficiency goes hand-in-hand with greater patient […]